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We help people take back their health , so they can be free to enjoy their life again!

By helping you remove the roadblocks that are keeping the body from healing, allowing the body to finish the healing process. We do this in three levels of health, physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual if needed.

What is it you are looking for? Are you looking to change your health? Are you stressed out, tired, exhausted, no energy, worn out and don't know where to turn?

Is the stress so bad that your having trouble sleeping, allergies getting to you, or has the stress on your body created sickness or dis-ease?

Stress is the first thing to break down the bodies defenses, the immune system in the body. At Rejuvenation Station llc we have discovered some amazing tools that can greatly reduce the effect of stress on our body in a healthy and natural way.  Feel the difference within your first visit!

Reducing Your Stress!

Reducing stress these days can be a challenging thing. But it can mean the difference between feeling miserable, in pain or sick and fighting dis-ease, or being healthy, joyful, happy, relaxed, and ready to get back in the game.

There are many ways to reduce stress. All of which consist of taking time out for yourself. Whether you are exercising, getting outdoors and into nature, meditating, listening to a slower beat of music, serving others, or getting a massage and healing. All these consist of taking time out to nourish yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. And you deserve it!


With a number of different modalities to help you address your needs, we can help you lower your stress and increase your body's ability to rejuvenate itself!



"Take care of your body, it is the only one you have!"

                                             by Jim Rohn

 We would like to take a moment to thank all our clients for letting us work on you and allowing us to help you make a difference in your lives!



 Craig & Heidi Lewis

Techniques used to help Rejuvenate your health!
  • Hands on (Energy) (Reiki) Healing!   Increase energy!                           Speed healing!                                     Let go of chronic pain!             Release trauma etc.

  • Functional Physiology!                 Speed healing!                           Allergy Harmonization!         Immune system boost!                     Optimizing body organs & systems!

  • Therapeutic Massage!                  Speed healing!                                      Let go of stress and tension!

  • Ionic detoxing foot & hand baths!   Let go of & release heavy metals,   organ toxins, pain & stress!           Optimize cell energy!

  • Water, Sleep, Fun, and Supplements.

Open the door to rejuvenating your body today!

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