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Encouraging the Body Heal Itself!

We work to help you take back your health, so you can be free to enjoy your life again!


Do you feel like something has been keeping your body from healing itself? Perhaps you have just encountered a new issue. Maybe you just have a cold.

We help you heal your body by relieving the stressess that brought on the disharmony to begin with. Results can vary, but many times

this happens faster than it has for you in the past!

We relieve stressess on three levels, physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual!

What is it you are looking for? Are you looking to change your health? Do you feel like your hitting a wall or going around in circles trying to reach your goals? Are you stressed out, tired, exhausted, no energy, worn out and don't know where to turn? Is the stress so bad that your having trouble sleeping, allergies getting to you, or has the stress on your body created dis-ease?


Reducing Your Stress!

Stress is the first thing to break down the body's defenses, and weaken the immune system. Why do we not start where it all started and remove the stresses! At Rejuvenation Station llc we have discovered some amazing tools that can greatly relieve stress on our body's systems and get it out of fight or flight mode and back to optimizing its health naturally. 

Some feel the difference within your first visit!

With years of experience to help you address your needs, we can help you lower your stress and increase your body's ability to rejuvenate itself!

Here are some tips to start with.

Start at home by taking time out for yourself. Feed your body what it needs to be healthy.

Drink Water! 1qt. for every 50 pounds everyday! Add a qt if you are trying to heal your body! Add minerals and electrolytes to your water to increase the benefit and your body will want to drink more!

Eat protien, 9oz. of red meat per week.

Make time to relax

Practice breathing deep. Bring your breath all the way down to your belly button before breathing out!

Having fun! Make sure and schedule every week and every month!

Try to exercise, get outdoors and into nature, meditating, listening to a slower beat of music, serving others, or getting a massage and healing. All these consist of taking time out to nourish yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. And you deserve it!


Reducing stress these days can be a challenging thing. But it can mean the difference between feeling miserable, in pain and fighting dis-ease down the road, or being healthy, joyful, happy, relaxed, and ready to get back in the game.



Open the door and begin your journey of rejuvenation!

 We would like to take a moment to thank all our clients for letting us work on you and allowing us to help you make a difference in your lives!



 Craig & Heidi Lewis

"Take care of your body, it is the only one you have!"

                                             Jim Rohn

Techniques used to help Rejuvenate your health!
  • Functional Physiology!                 Optimizes the body's health!   Restores communication in the   body!                                 Strengthening the immune system!   Speeds healing!                           Allergy Harmonization!   

  • Hands on Healing! (Energy) (Reiki)    Increase circulation and energy!         Speed healing!                                     Relieving chronic pain!             Release trauma etc.                       

  • Therapeutic Massage!                        Let go of stress and tension!     Speed healing to injuries!              

  • Ionic detoxing foot & hand baths!   Let go of & release heavy metals   and organ toxins!                      Optimize cell energy!

  • Avacen micro circulation machine!   Many dis-eases are due to inflamation or a lack of micro circulation.  The Avacen commonly known as the "Miracle Machine" helps to restore micro circulation throughout the body!  

  • Mentoring!

  • High quality Supplements!

  • Water, Sleep, and Fun!

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