About us!

Craig Lewis

Reiki Teacher (Spiritually guided life force energy)

TBM Practitioner (Total Body Modification)
Licensed Massage Therapist

 At the Rejuvenation Station, your body is the center or the starting point of healing. Here we specialize in relieving stress on the body. 

We have searched out and trained ourselves in a variety of very effective all natural, homeopathic modalities that support and encourage the body to heal itself, quickly and effectively.

Whether you are healthy and fit, and just needing a tune-up and massage, or if your faced with a major dis-ease, together we can help you relieve your stress!


"When the body is in the right place at the right time, miracles happen." Dr Victor Frank DC 

Here we take a three fold approach by addressing the Body, Mind, and Spirit. In the energy field of the body we look for and help to remove energetic blockages that may be keeping you from healing. Then we address the physical body removing tension and stress from muscles and connective tissue with Massage. Then using Functional Physiology the body "reboots" itself. Finally with mentoring techniques we can help support positive habits and thought patterns.

Sessions are structured to meet the needs of the client based upon an initial interview were we may address all areas or just need to work on one area, integrating our skills and intuition to find and relieve stress stored in the body, whether in muscle tissue, the nervous system, or the energy field of the body. Putting the body in a stronger position to heal itself. Call and schedule your free consultation. Your body will thank you :)

Heidi Lewis

NHS Practitioner (Natural Healing Systems)

ESM Instructor (Energy Systems Maintenance)

TBM Practitioner (Total Body Modification)
Licensed Massage Therapist

Heidi Lewis is a Massage Therapist, NHS & TBM Practitioner, ESM Instructor, Essential Oil Consultant, and a Reiki Master. She enjoys helping her clients to have the healthiest body they can have. 

NHS (founded by Randall J Frank, N.M.D.,C.T.N.,D.M., D.D...)is a unique technique based on Functional Physiology (Dr. Victor L Frank). NHS allows the reestablishment of failing neurological functions via activation of body points and/or use of vials.  By activating the body's own inherent healing capacity, this system supports the body's ability to completely integrate all physiological systems at their intended optimal capacity and function. Integrated physiological function is based on the communication capacity of all body systems.  The various stresses and traumas the body experiences, or has been exposed to will compromise this communication. 

Through the use of muscle testing with body points and/or vials, NHS detects imbalances in the body and then corrects these by providing the body with electromagnetic data streams of information that restores the body's ability to optimize communication and function.  This information is pre-programmed into the vials and is accessed by the body when placed on the chest and specific body points are stimulated. Thus bringing the body into optimal/original function.

Helping and teaching families to listen to their bodies.  A symptom is only the body trying to tell us something is amiss.  Working with the body bringing it into balance and optimal health is always the goal, whether that face to face, long distance healing sessions (remote healing) or taking her ESM classes.  She is always willing to answer questions, just email or text her and she will find the answer for you. 


Heidi lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband and four children.  She enjoys camping, hiking, crochet, cooking, baking, being with her family and having a good time.


Watching people learn to take care of themselves is one of her favorite things.  Teaching people to be healthy and listening to the body is so very important.